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"We already knew synvert (previously saracus) consulting from previous projects as a competent consulting partner. Thanks to the excellent technical and project management skills of the synvert consultants, all goals were successfully realized within the planned budget for this demanding customer and project. The long-term cooperation is a proof of the successful support and collaboration."

Dietmar Neugebauer, Team Leader Application Development / Reporting

Success story

Project description

Atruvia - Replacing an in-house software development with standard products and procedures.

Atruvia (formerly known as Fiducia & GAD IT AG) is a leading service provider of information technology for the Cooperative Financial Network. The company has a workforce of nearly 6,400 employees and generates an annual group revenue of approximately €1.4 billion. Atruvia’s customer base includes all 1,000 Volks- and Raiffeisenbanken in Germany, companies in the Cooperative Financial Network, and numerous private banks and companies in other sectors. Atruvia manages more than 173,000 banking workstations, administers almost 83 million customer accounts, and ensures a smooth cash supply nationwide with 36,000 self-service terminals.

Within the scope of the project, a new reporting environment was developed for an Atruvia customer.


Objective of the project

The primary objective was to replace the customer's own software development by integrating it into the established Atruvia BI landscape.


The new reporting environment requirements were:

  • Integration of special software for problem loan management.
  • Replacement of in-house developments with BaFin-compliant standard products and procedures.
  • Development of an analysis room for internal standard reporting and ad hoc analyses.
  • Development of customised reporting to allow interactive analyses of the managed loan portfolio and easy distribution.
  • Efficient and maintainable production processes for providing monthly internal and external reporting.
Key points

Prior to the project, reporting was based on an in-house software solution, leading to the following focus areas for the project:

  • Meeting regulatory requirements.
  • Integrated data storage and management across source systems.
  • Automated reporting for customers.

The data warehouse architecture consists of two layers: a core warehouse and a mart layer. The system gathers data from various source systems and applies predefined rules to cleanse and prepare it for processing. The central data pool is operated with DB2 z/OS on a mainframe environment and is updated daily from the source systems through batch jobs. The mart layer, which uses DB2 LUW under Unix, is managed by Sagent Data Flow. Control tables, maintained by the customer with Apparo Fast Edit, enable them to influence the processing logic of the mart supply: for example, sales can be dynamically assigned to key figures based on selected characteristics such as contra account, intended use, etc. The backend components and jobs are scheduled using Automic. The frontend of the system consists of Cognos components, including Framework Manager, Connection, and Report Studio. Relational reports are generated using the same package that is used for ad hoc analyses. The use of Cognos Active Reports was a first for both the customer and Atruvia.

Benefits generated

The final BI solution provides the following benefits:

  • Fulfilment of foresight requirements.
  • Uniform, user-friendly and highly flexible frontend using IBM Cognos Business Intelligence.
  • Functional changes can be autonomously imported by the customer, thanks to parametrised ETL routes and Apparo Fast Edit.
  • ActiveReports enable the institute's customers to interactively analyse their loan portfolio and to navigate through their data stock.


Services Accomplished by synvert (previously saracus):

  • Manage and execute analysis workshops on-site with the customer for sub-projects.
  • Create detailed technical concepts and requirement specifications to guide the project.
  • Model the data layer of the data mart, updating it daily and historicising it monthly.
  • Implement ETL processes to supply the data mart with information from the core DWH.
  • Create Apparo Fast Edit dialogues for parametrisation of ETL routes.
  • Design and implement the Cognos Framework Manager model, as well as standard relational reports and complex ActiveReports.
  • Conduct technical testing of all created components and provide customer support during acceptance testing and the commissioning of the overall solution.

By integrating the customer's software development into Atruvia's BI platform, synvert was able to create a standardised, BaFin-compliant BI solution using cutting-edge technology.

With their extensive experience in designing and implementing BI solutions, synvert has become a valuable consulting and integration specialist for Atruvia. In addition to the project presented here, synvert also supports Atruvia as a long-term partner in other projects and in maintaining previously created solutions.

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