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Obtaining information and insights from data through machine learning, in the context of data-driven business management using BI, is central to modern management, and here at synvert we’re experts!


AI and Analytics


Artificial intelligence, coupled with machine learning, presents opportunities for data-driven enterprises to detect new business opportunities by identifying structures and patterns in large amounts of data. Creating an AI model tailored to your company demands not only experience, knowledge, and technical expertise, but also poses the challenge of seamlessly integrating these models into a productive environment and everyday workflows.


Benefits in AI and Analytics

Context Understanding

Customer inquiries can be better recognised and categorised automatically thanks to context understanding, leading to a more detailed and optimised understanding and classification of the customer's needs.


Predictions or event impacts can be efficiently determined through advanced machine learning and deep learning techniques. Leveraging these powerful tools, businesses can better evaluate the potential consequences of restructuring, or other crucial decisions.

Completing and Unifying

Incomplete and structurally diverse data can be effectively completed and unified with the aid of artificial intelligence, enabling the creation of more comprehensive data and the extraction of more detailed insights and knowledge.

Machine Learn­ing Development

Why are we talking about this?


In any company, vast amounts of data accumulate over time, often remaining untapped and forgotten. However, with the power of machine learning, this data can be systematically prepared and utilised to uncover hidden patterns that may not be apparent to the human eye, opening up new possibilities for businesses to identify potential opportunities and optimise their corporate strategies. Developing a machine learning model requires expertise, knowledge, and technical know-how to meaningfully analyse data, requirements, and use cases. The versatility of AI presents a significant challenge in creating optimised AI solutions for existing systems, but the potential benefits make it all worthwhile.


AI can predict and prevent potential machine failures through proactive maintenance, avoiding damage and downtime. It can also aid in identifying possible frauds by analysing data for irregular patterns or anomalies. Moreover, machine learning can unveil new business strategies by analysing vast datasets to identify emerging trends, patterns, and opportunities that may not be discernible with traditional methods.

People and Organisation

Modern AI can provide automated document classification and forwarding, generate forecasts for complaints, and automatically recognise, extract, and categorise text and objects in images, thus streamlining processes and reducing manual effort.


Time series analysis enables an early detection of non-obvious trends or increased workloads, whilst classification algorithms can be used to perform market analyses, risk assessments and recommendation systems including Next Best Offer.

How we can help you

At synvert, our extensive experience in implementing AI projects across various industries has allowed us to gain practical expertise in machine learning projects. Our consulting services cover a wide range of business sectors, and our software modules are capable of performing complex data analytics in any industry. With a focus on the constant adaptation and development of prediction or classification algorithms, as well as leveraging our cross-industry AI experience, we are well-equipped to develop customised machine learning models tailored to your specific business needs.


Our Advantages

Data Preparation and Feature Engineering

A crucial aspect of machine learning is the collection of comprehensive training data; a poorly chosen set of training data can lead to inaccurate AI decisions, rendering the entire ML concept ineffective. Our data engineers and scientists are adept at identifying and rectifying such errors, ensuring that the training data used for machine learning models is carefully curated and of high quality, vital to produce reliable and accurate machine learning outcomes for our customers.

Identification of Promising Use Cases

The success of a machine learning model hinges on several factors, including the quantity and quality of available training data, the complexity of the model, the specific business requirements, and the potential efficiency gains. At synvert, we excel in identifying relevant use cases for machine learning applications, and our team of experts can assist in implementing these use cases effectively.

Cross-industry Experience

Machine learning models are complex systems that make their decisions based on the experiences learned from data. Developing a powerful machine learning model requires a combination of technical expertise, experience, and intuition. At synvert, our team of experts possesses cross-industry experience, allowing us to select and implement the most promising algorithms and models for your specific business needs.

Machine Learn­ing Operations

Why are we talking about this?


Sophisticated algorithms and innovative technologies can enable you to tackle challenges like never before. Transferring these models from the developers' systems to a productive environment and incorporating them into everyday work can be more demanding than expected, necessitating experience, knowledge, and technical know-how. Technical architectures, CI/CD pipelines, and model monitoring must be carried out meaningfully and efficiently.


A unified, scalable platform is at the heart of any project, simplifying both operations and maintenance,  thus improving business performance.

People and Organisation

As machine learning models are highly sensitive to training data, continuous monitoring is essential to mitigate the risk of drawing incorrect conclusions, as is retraining, to ensure optimal performance.


CI/CD pipelines ensure a stable environment and thus avoid operation errors, and due to the multiple dependencies of machine leaning models, a well-designed CI/CD pipeline is of the utmost importance.

How we can help you

Machine learning models can only be used for production if they generate meaningful information. We provide support for the productive implementation of these models, drawing on our expertise and years of experience. Our services range from creating architecture concepts to precise realisation and system integration. We have developed best practice frameworks, process models, and reference architectures for on-premise and cloud environments (AWS, Azure, GCP).


Our Advantages

Architecture Concept

In order to get meaningful information from your machine learning model, it is crucial to create a well-designed architectural concept, and here at synvert we can support you in the development and realisation of this concept, leveraging our expertise in the field.

Years of Experience

We have been developing frameworks, process models and reference architectures for on-premise and in-cloud environments (AWS, Azure, GCP) for many years now, and can draw on an extremely broad wealth of knowledge to help you in your projects.

BI and Reporting

Why are we talking about this?


In order to create effective modern BI applications, data must be automatically prepared to ensure that a wide range of business users can intuitively obtain the right insights; this means the use of sophisticated visualisation techniques with easily understandable notation concepts. Agility and speed are crucial components too; as BI enables data-driven company management, we need the prompt availability of accurate business figures and data that can be swiftly converted into actionable insights and concrete measures.


In order to streamline BI analysis and insights for users, an intuitively understandable data story is developed based on a specific business question; this data story includes the simplest possible visualisations and clearest possible notation concepts, aimed at unifying the information and making it easily comprehensible.

People and Organisation

In order to maintain the agility of data-driven corporate management, it is crucial to grant specialists the freedom to handle data as they need to. However, this can sometimes result in isolated solutions and data proliferation, and implementing a data governance structure can help mitigate these issues.


To successfully implement self-service BI, a combination of modern intuitive software tools and technical expertise within the business departments is crucial. This empowers data marts to perform new analyses and create data stories, providing valuable insights, whilst existing data can be augmented with additional sources, allowing for deeper insights and a more comprehensive understanding of the data landscape.

How we can help you

We can guide you on your way to data-driven management and support you efficiently in the analysis, implementation and introduction of BI. Here at synvert we combine business knowledge and technical expertise to establish an ideal data-driven business management model for your organisation.


Our Advantages

30 Years of Experience

With more than 30 years’ experience, we have built up a wealth of defined procedure, templates, checklists and sample solutions to guarantee the success of your particular project.


Canva is a comprehensive graphic design platform that empowers users to create visually appealing content, and to enhance its functionality we integrate story mock-ups, relevant source data identification, and metric definitions with security rules.


We always offer a vendor-neutral architecture definition, ensuring impartiality, and we support you in choosing the right tools based on predefined evaluation criteria with proof of concept testing to validate their suitability for your specific needs.

BI Strategy

We provide comprehensive assistance in developing your BI strategy, including a vulnerability analysis, the identification of improvement potentials, the definition of business use cases, architecture and implementation priorities; based on this analysis we create a roadmap that outlines the recommended steps and timeline for implementing the BI strategy, and we also estimate the cost.


We facilitate the implementation of BI in the area of self-service and governance by focusing on organisation, culture, and training.

Web and Mobile BI

Why are we talking about this?


BI software has undergone a significant evolution over the past two decades and continues to grow rapidly. It offers users a wide array of analytical capabilities and delivers decision support information to tablets and smartphones, achieved by prioritising key metrics that evaluate business performance and functional areas within the company.


Push-up notifications for important predefined business goals and status updates based on specific criteria ensure a location-independent source of information.

People and Organisation

Seamless integration with enterprise web portals, extranets or intranets is essential for leveraging BI software effectively at all levels of the business.


Customising screens to meet personal reporting needs and providing on-demand access and the filtering of notifications gets the right info to the right people right on time.

How we can help you

We offer users a wide range of analytics capabilities by focusing on successful metrics and delivering decision-support information to tablets and smartphones. Additionally, we develop BI applications and functionalities on mobile devices that are not included in the mobile offerings of BI software products. Our seamless integration of BI into the company's web portals and intranets ensures optimal usage.


Our Advantages

Dashboard to KPIs

With our intuitive dashboards, users can easily navigate to KPIs, comment on results, share information via WhatsApp and SMS, ensuring close collaboration with colleagues.

Write-back Functionality

Our enhanced write-back functionality allows users to add goals, objectives, and forecasts via the same secure BI portal and immediately see the results in their dashboards, providing real-time insights.

Reduced Licensing Costs

We offer non-licence based dashboards and reports, reducing licensing costs for passive or occasional users, making BI accessible to a wider audience across your organisation.


Our partnerships

synvert works with some of the world's leading data and analytics companies in strategic partnerships to deliver carefully crafted and scalable solutions to our valued customers.