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Data and Analytics for Quality and Agility

As a result of ever-increasing customer requirements and fierce competition between companies in internationally-networked markets, it has become imperative for most companies to consolidate their entire logistics operations. Each logistical movement generates data containing crucial information that must be discovered, processed, and used efficiently, and with a larger database and more links within the data, more knowledge can be automatically generated.

Operational efficiency is a vital aspect of logistics, and targeted data analysis can significantly increase transparency within companies. As networking increases, data becomes more comprehensively available and can be presented to the user in a targeted manner. This transparency supports users in leading the company and making informed decisions, leading to increased process quality and agility.

Flexible process flows are critical, as disruptions such as strikes, traffic jams, bottlenecks, severe weather events, or sudden peaks in demand can occur along the supply chain. However, with the help of real-time data, logistical processing can be further optimised. AI can be employed to quickly and efficiently set handover time windows in the most optimal sequence, and allocate internal resources, such as vehicles and personnel, in the best way, thus mitigating the risks of disruption.

Well prepared

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D&A Use Cases

Some of our use cases:


  • Standard use cases, like revenue and profitability analysis, network/route optimisation, usage behaviour analysis.
  • Optimising the maintenance of production facilities, and the efficient use of transport vehicles.
  • Providing personalised real-time information about traffic jams, weather conditions or train connections.
  • Traffic flow analyses for load optimisation and increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Customer-focused reports to relieve the hot-line of first- and second-level support duties.

Preparation and Tools

For example, we made use of:


  • Oracle, SAP Business Objects
  • Oracle, Talend, IBM Cognos
  • Teradata, IBM Cognos

Standards and Regulation

Our knowledge base includes standard templates for a variety of topics, such as business analysis, reporting requirements, and project controlling, designed to streamline our work and ensure consistency in our approach, saving time and increasing efficiency.


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