Cloud Oper­a­tions
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Cloud operations can offer loads of advantages to an organisation.


Cloud Operations


Cloud operations (CloudOps) refers to the comprehensive management of provisioning, tuning, optimisation, and performance of workloads and IT services hosted in a cloud environment, be it multi-cloud, hybrid cloud, or a data centre setup. CloudOps establishes standardised procedures and best practices for efficient and effective operations of cloud-based processes, such as accelerated automation, robust security measures, on-demand scalability, anywhere access, and seamless upgrades. CloudOps also encompasses monitoring, orchestrating, and managing virtual machines (VMs), containers, and workloads running in the cloud, sometimes replacing traditional Network Operations Centre (NOC) responsibilities. Developers, IT operations, and security teams collaborate closely based on CloudOps principles to achieve both business and technology goals, driving innovation and ensuring smooth operations in the dynamic cloud landscape.


Benefits and Tasks from Cloud Operations

Jump to the Cloud

Using cloud platforms effectively can expedite the process of moving away from legacy technologies, processes, thinking, and culture, saving organisations valuable time and resources; this accelerated transition unlocks new capabilities for innovation and can also result in overall cost savings in IT operations.

Think from the end

By adopting a "think back from the end" approach, organisations can define a cloud-ready operations model that aligns with their goals for data and analytics in the cloud.

Environment Analytics

Environment analytics play a crucial role as they offer organisations improved visibility of various elements within their cloud environments. By leveraging analytics, organisations can gather valuable insights that are necessary for efficient resource management and service operations.

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Core Oper­a­tions

Why are we talking about this?


The primary objective of cloud operations is to ensure that cloud services are delivered according to the agreed-upon requirements of the business stakeholders; this involves ongoing automation and optimisation to effectively scale operations while improving workload reliability. Through proactive management, cloud operations teams can detect events, evaluate their potential impact, and determine appropriate control actions to mitigate risks, whilst they can also provide business-critical information, applications, and services, ensuring uninterrupted access for users.


Gain actionable insights from your infrastructure and application data through various observation processes.

People and Organisation

Monitor workload performance and ensure that capacity meets both current and future demands; you can also aggregate application data into a single management console in order to simplify operational oversight and accelerate the solution of application issues.


Systematically distribute and apply software updates with efficient and effective patch management.

How we can help you

We leverage the programmable services offered by major hyperscale cloud providers to build a scalable, secure foundation for cloud projects, and through code-based infrastructure we create a comprehensive architecture that enables operational integration of your data into a traceable process, whilst ensuring both access and use are secured. We prioritise governance guidelines and security compliance, for both data-at-rest and data-in-transit. Our reporting and monitoring provides you with a reliable and timely overview of your systems during operation, ensuring transparency and visibility.


Our Advantages

Incident and Problem Management

Our experienced consultants can support you in incident and problem management, helping to quickly restore service operations and minimise any adverse business impact.

Change and Release Management

We can help with the introduction and modification of change and release management procedures, tailored to meet the requirements of cloud environments; our approach will minimise risks to production environments during release activities, as we understand the importance of maintaining the stability and reliability of your cloud-based systems while introducing changes or updates.

Configuration Management

We’re fully aware of the importance of maintaining an accurate record of all cloud workloads, their relationships, and configuration changes over time. In the dynamic and virtual environment of cloud resource provisioning, configuration drift can occur if not effectively managed, and that's why synvert has robust practices in place to ensure a proper configuration management of cloud resources.

Cost Man­age­ment

Why are we talking about this?


Using cloud resources efficiently, with robust data and analytics, is essential for planning, measuring, and optimising your cloud spend. The goal is to enable cloud teams to continually optimise their workloads, leveraging the best pricing models, while also capitalising on the agility and ease of resource provisioning that the cloud offers, all while maintaining financial accountability. Establishing scalable guardrails for cloud usage with minimal impact on agility is necessary, as is organising cost and usage information with custom rules and cost categories. Additionally, leveraging demand-based and time-based dynamic provisioning allows you to pay only for the resources needed, maximising cost efficiency. Centralising the management of on-premise and cloud software licences further reduces costs, non-compliances, and misreporting.


Consolidated billing simplifies cloud billing and unlocks volume discounts by combining multiple accounts or subscriptions into one billing entity.

People and Organisation

Well-defined financial roles and responsibilities are essential for effective cloud cost management, so key stakeholders from the finance, business, and technology teams should share a clear understanding of cloud costs.


By using dashboards for licence usage visibility, organisations can monitor compliance and real-time alerts can be implemented to promptly detect and address any non-compliant activities. Our proactive approach guarantees the timely identification of potential licence violations, ensuring that software licences are being used in compliance with licensing agreements.

How we can help you

synvert has a comprehensive knowledge of the products, services, and licence models of the major cloud providers, enabling us to develop guidelines and licence policies for transparent cost and billing models.


Our Advantages

Cost Identification

We help our customers to identify cost variances and anomalies faster with dynamic forecasting and budgeting processes, and we align account structures and tag strategies with how the organisation and products map to the cloud.

Only Pay for your Use

synvert helps you to reduce your cloud costs by identifying and eliminating unnecessary spending on idle or underused cloud resources.

Transparent Licence Policies

We help establish rule-based controls on licence consumption by setting hard or soft limits on new and existing cloud deployments. Our expertise allows organisations to recognise licences that are included with cloud resources and those that are owned, ensuring compliance with licence policies.


Why are we talking about this?


Cloud administration means planning, configuring and managing servers in a public cloud, private cloud or hybrid cloud, according to company requirements. Cloud administrators have a wide range of responsibilities, including system operation and maintenance, user activity monitoring, security management, server and data backup, resource deactivation, and server optimisation; unlike traditional IT roles with narrower areas of responsibility, cloud administrators can take on multiple tasks to ensure smooth operations.


In order to guarantee the maximum availability and reliability of the cloud environment, backup systems are in place to minimise downtime and ensure seamless operations in case of any failures or disruptions.

People and Organisation

synvert can help train your cloud administrators to protect your company's security and integrity, safeguarding against unwanted access such as hacking attempts.


synvert can ensure the smooth provisioning of new applications in the cloud, managing large volumes of data, and conducting backup tests to protect against data loss, as well as developing and implementing updates that can be applied as needed.

How we can help you

synvert consultants are experts in managing servers and are proficient in scripting languages such as PowerShell or Python on Microsoft platforms or in Unix environments, and our cloud administrators boast detailed technical knowledge of networking and storage management. Our consultants are certified in the key providers and public cloud solutions, making them well-equipped to tackle complex problems.


Our Advantages


From small-scale to large-scale enterprise scenarios, we have worked successfully in various cloud environments.


For every cloud deployment, whether public, private or hybrid, we can offer you the knowledge you need and support you in the necessary infrastructure.

360° Consulting

We guide you through the whole process of implementing your cloud infrastructure, from initial strategic planning to ongoing support once the solution is in place.

Plat­form Management

Why are we talking about this?


Multi-cloud – the best of multiple worlds. More and more companies are opting to rely on more than one cloud provider for strategic reasons. A cross-cloud approach allows for the integration of technologies from multiple clouds, avoiding data silos and ensuring compliance. The major cloud platforms like AWS, Azure, and GCP offer different solution paths for various reasons, and by leveraging multiple clouds, companies can combine components from different providers to select the best tools for individual tasks, reduce vendor lock-in, and potentially lower costs when compared to a single-cloud setup. However, a multi-cloud approach typically comes with increased complexity and greater costs for cloud-agnostic development, and the company needs to have in-house skills for the platforms used.


Obtain long-term cost reductions by using the most cost-effective solution in each case, whilst reducing vendor lock-in through application distribution and cloud-agnostic application design.

People and Organisation

Unlock strategic freedom by opening up all possibilities!


Enhance solution diversity by combining the capabilities of multiple cloud providers for improved reliability and increased safety.

How we can help you

synvert possesses comprehensive technical expertise in individual cloud platforms, gained through projects on major cloud providers, as well as in-depth knowledge in designing and implementing cross-cloud solutions through higher-level governance projects. This enables us to understand the advantages and disadvantages of a multi-cloud strategy. As an independent provider, we can offer our customers the optimal solution for their specific needs, regardless of the vendor.


Our Advantages

Vendor Independence

synvert is independent and always offers customers the best possible solution.

Cloud-specific Expertise

With a wealth of experience in managing numerous projects across various cloud platforms, synvert's accumulated expertise guarantees informed decision-making when it comes to choosing tools for a particular platform.

Cross-Cloud Expertise

Topics such as governance and compliance are defined across the cloud. Through relevant projects in sensitive industries, synvert can cover use cases from non-protected data with low requirements to highly sensitive data.


synvert's extensive experience in governance and compliance has been built up across various cloud environments, enabling us to cover a wide range of data use cases: from non-protected data with low requirements to highly sensitive data, our expertise ensures comprehensive coverage for diverse compliance needs.

Always Up to Date

Thanks to our in-house workshops and training sessions, synvert consultants are always up to date with the latest technologies. We know that no area is growing as dynamically and quickly as cloud, so we’re always one step ahead of the competition and can competently advise our customers on the latest developments.


Why are we talking about this?


Cloud automation plays a pivotal role in modern cloud operations, using automated tools and processes to execute workflows within a cloud environment, eliminating the manual configuration of servers, network setups, and workflows. Understanding which services, procedures, and processes can be automated, and knowing the right cloud automation tools for the task, is essential for scalability and effectiveness in cloud applications. Cloud automation differs from other types of automation due to the dynamic nature of cloud environments, where services can be scaled up or down constantly, and to fully harness the value and opportunities for scalability and agility in the cloud, effective automation of cloud resource management is a critical success factor.


Setting up sophisticated cloud automation practices and streamlining management across diverse teams and functions is key to achieving advanced operational efficiency in cloud environments.

People and Organisation

Automation greatly enhances identity management in the cloud, and predefining Identity and Access Management (IAM) templates enables the swift setup of user roles in the cloud. Additionally, automating cloud infrastructure provisioning enables a faster scaling, offering a rapid response to changing demands and improved operational efficiency.


Cloud automation is the cornerstone for effectively managing the scalability and complexity of modern cloud environments.

How we can help you

Here at synvert, we follow a comprehensive full-stack approach to data centre and cloud automation, ensuring a seamless integration with other systems. For us, automation is not limited to technical implementation alone, but encompasses a mindset that enables a holistic view with flexible and organisational procedural methods. This approach allows us to standardise business processes and operational topics, providing you, our customer, with distinct advantages. Our expertise in combining DevOps and DevSecOps, whether in on-premise, cloud, or hybrid cloud environments, is reflected in our commitment to a quality standard that is part of our automation approach. Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) and Configuration-as-Code (CaC) form integral components of our modern IT environment, enabling us to deliver cutting-edge solutions to meet your unique requirements.


Our Advantages

Time Saving

We can help you to differentiate between activities that require higher levels of expertise and those that can be effectively automated for increased efficiency.

Faster Completion

Our skilled consultants can use predefined templates and IaC tools to set up a hundred servers in a matter of minutes!

Risk Reduction

synvert consultants know exactly how to configure rules and templates to drive effective automation, resulting in clean environments, not human errors. This approach also enhances security standards, such as preventing the unintended exposure of applications to the public Internet when they were intended for internal use only.

Change Man­age­ment

Why are we talking about this?


Cloud technologies are now firmly established as the standard for enterprise IT, and many organisations are now adopting a cloud-first approach as part of their digital transformation strategies. There is a rapid growth and a move to the cloud, coupled with a high demand for speed in delivering new or modified products and services, in response to ever-changing customer needs and dynamic market developments. Techniques to support change management in the cloud must evolve accordingly to fully leverage its benefits, and change management in the age of cloud computing requires a new way of thinking to be effective: this may involve a shift in change management methods and a new paradigm, where the focus is on enabling new ideas and products.



Cloud environments can be altered swiftly, with just a few clicks and operations, instead of going through a process that takes days or weeks. Components and licenses are available on demand, without delays for orders or deliveries, and you can easily configure an environment with the necessary capacity and software to meet your business needs, limited only by budget requirements. Furthermore, you have the flexibility to expand or reduce your resources in line with your business's development.

People and Organisation

To enable speed and maintain a state of agility, it is crucial for product and infrastructure teams to have the autonomy to prioritise and execute changes. Change authority models need to be adjusted accordingly, based on newly defined risk and cost parameters.


Cloud technology minimises the effort required to prepare infrastructure for change, and it is vital to avoid hindering the automation and high speed that define changes in the cloud with centralised logging and routing of changes optimised for on-premise processes and procedures. Adjustments are needed to align change management practices with the unique characteristics of cloud environments.

How we can help you

With our knowledge of the main cloud provider technologies, products and services, synvert is in a unique position to develop technological and organisational guidelines for change management in your company.


Our Advantages

Development of New Change Models

We can provide assistance in developing new change models, which are repeatable approaches to managing specific types of change, such as creating a container or modifying a product feature. These change models can be tailored to your organisation's requirements and can help streamline and standardise the change management process for specific types of changes in the cloud environment.

Build Monitoring Dashboards

We can create automated cloud monitoring dashboards to track changes and compliance requirements using metrics and indicators, providing real-time visibility into changes made in the cloud, ensuring compliance with established change management processes.

Change Organisation

With our experience gained in so many cloud implementations, synvert will help you to adapt your change organisation in order to reap all the benefits of cloud technologies.

Sup­port & Man­aged Services

Why are we talking about this?


It can be a real challenge to recruit internal resources dedicated to the support and maintenance of your data and analytics system in the cloud!


With synvert’s support services, you get all the benefits of dedicated support and tactical development, whilst enjoying the flexibility to choose the most cost-effective support package for your particular needs.

People and Organisation

Our team of experts stays up to date with industry best practices and all the changes in BI technology.


If there is a process improvement, a new application or an upgrade that could enhance your system, we’ll let you know about it!

How we can help you

We provide comprehensive support to ensure that your cloud platform is fully functional and impeccably maintained. Our support packages are designed to help you to maximise your return on investment, to increase user adoption and satisfaction, and to optimise business value from your data and analytics system. We offer a range of support packages tailored to your specific needs, providing you with the comfort and assurance that your cloud platform is in capable hands.


Our Advantages

Data and Analytics Support and Managed Services

synvert’s support and development offerings are timely and personalised. Thanks to our collaboration in implementing your data and analytics solution, our team of consultants will have gained a proficient understanding of your system and business, allowing us to react swiftly to any issues that may arise and to make accurate assessments and recommendations.

Classic Support

We offer a classic service of logging support tickets through our customer service portal, and depending on the criticality and priority of the request, our team will respond promptly and resolve the issue accordingly.

Managed Services

Our post-deployment service goes beyond classic support, offering a comprehensive package that also includes a tactical development service. This unique offering provides our customers with the option to have mini-developments delivered with support running in parallel.


Our partnerships

synvert works with some of the world's leading data and analytics companies in strategic partnerships to deliver carefully crafted and scalable solutions to our valued customers.