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Benefits in a Data-driven Finance Company

Data and analytics play a vital role in the financial industry. Adopting a modern digitalisation strategy not only simplifies the procurement and management of information for your customers, but also provides valuable insights from data analyses that can help predict future trends. By managing data in a detailed and structured manner, financial institutions can better understand their customers' behaviour and respond to their expectations more effectively.

The financial industry heavily relies on analytical functions such as BI, machine learning, visualisations, and risk management tools to enhance business results and minimise risks.

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D&A Use Cases

Some selected uses cases are:


  • Standard use cases, like sales controlling, payment transactions, process controlling, and meeting the German §18 KWG documentation requirements.
  • Integration of specialised software for problem credit management.
  • Replacement of custom developments with BaFin-compliant standard products and procedures.
  • Development of custom reporting with interactive analysis of the managed credit portfolio.
  • Establishing procedures for the provision of monthly internal and external reporting.
  • Controlling of the usage of digital services.
  • Developing a new reporting environment to replace customer software development with integration into the established BI landscape.
  • Building an analysis room for internal standard reporting and ad hoc analysis.
  • Implementation of an authorisation concept based on the existing operational system.

Preparation and Tools

To ensure successful project execution, we employed a range of tools and techniques, including:


  • Maintaining, developing, and creating new SAS ETL processes in the DWH/BI environment.
  • Optimising Apache Impala performance.
  • Offloading data from SAP HANA to Hadoop.
  • Administering the Cloudera CDH cluster.
  • Implementing JAVA processes for the automation of standard reporting.
  • Integrating into the existing IBM Cognos reporting infrastructure.
  • Developing a new near-real-time DWH.
  • Developing generic data stage and Java components to simplify the development process.

Standards and Regulation

  • synvert has successfully designed and implemented comprehensive data management solutions for leading financial institutions, ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements such as BCBS 239, MaRisk, and DSGVO. We have created a harmonised, standardised data foundation that meets BaFin reporting requirements and seamlessly integrates with operational and decision-making systems in banks.


  • The development of an application architecture for a financial data warehouse (FDW), as well as determining, coordinating and establishing development standards, guidelines and norms for data warehouse governance.


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