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Benefits for the Energy Sector

Energy companies operate within an industry that generates a vast and varied amount of data, necessitating diverse analytical solutions. Within this context, various factors such as customer contracts and consumption points, network stability and optimisation, and complex procurement or generation processes, all need thorough monitoring. Whether it's sales, billing, distribution, or generation, synvert understands the multifaceted nature of utilities, enabling the development and operation of robust data platforms for analytical purposes.

Network operators in particular bear the responsibility of securing and managing system-relevant infrastructures, increasingly reliant on data-driven control. Data governance measures must be strengthened to ensure the security and protection of customer and power plant data.

synvert can offer you a unique blend of BI and analytics expertise plus industry experience to address these demands effectively.

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D&A Use Cases

Some selected use cases are:


  • Key figure system for monitoring plant data (fuel input, energy production, losses, emissions, etc.).
  • Analytics application for predicting damage.
  • Marketing system for controlling campaigns.
  • Migration of a classic data warehouse to the cloud.
  • Monitoring and analysis of utility supply networks to detect issues detection and optimise performance.
  • Energy management monitoring.
  • Monitoring and analysis of raw material resources.
  • Predictive analytics, based on weather forecasts and  historical behaviour.
  • Pattern analysis and clustering techniques to infer consumption patterns.
  • Quantity, price and turnover evaluation reporting.

Preparation and Tools

We made use of the following tools and technologies:


  • SAP ISU with HANA, SAP NetWeaver BI.
  • Extract data from diverse websites and transfer data from a mobile application to Teradata Aster and Hortonworks Hadoop.
  • MicroStrategy, Informatica PowerCenter, SQL Developer.
  • Greenplum, Hadoop streaming, Sqoop, Python, Mahout, Django.

synert has developed its very own data governance framework, which is used, for example, by transmission and distribution network operators.

Standards and Regulation

The energy industry operates within a regulatory framework made up of standards established by organisations like the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), the North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC), as well as European grid and market regulations. These regulations affect different aspects of the industry, ranging from transmission and distribution to price regulation and trading.


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