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Public Benefits

Public institutions handle vast amounts of data on a daily basis. The effective management of this data is crucial for the efficient functioning of these institutions, and with analytics, this data can be managed in a more automated and organised way. With automated processing and topic mapping of customer feedback, public institutions can respond better to customer requests and suggestions; this, in turn, can improve services that are customised to meet specific needs. What’s more, data and analytics can identify trends and patterns and provide helpful support for making data-driven decisions.

Well prepared

Expert knowledge in Public Service

D&A Use Cases

Some use cases are:


  • Dunning and participant statistics.
  • Labour market statistics.
  • Controlling payments and their effects.
  • Fraud detection in internal reviews.

Preparation and Tools

Some of the tools and techniques we made use of are:


  • Cloudera Data Flow (NiFi)
  • CDP cluster with Kerberos, TLS, KTS/KMS, as well as CFM and CDSW.
  • IBM DB2, Informatica.
  • Oracle, PL SQL, IBM Cognos, QlikView.
  • Greenplum, Informatica, MicroStrategy.

Standards and Regulation

Our team of certified professionals provides a high level of expertise and support throughout the execution of HERMES projects.


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