Cloud Enable­ment
- Preparing for a modern analytics platform

A modern cloud data warehouse.


Cloud based analytics


Cloud enablement is the process of creating, developing, deploying and preparing some of the relevant infrastructure, software and resources for data and analytics services in the cloud. Cloud enablement moves traditional in-house IT to a flexible, on-demand framework offering a large selection of tools and possibilities.

Get your business cloud-ready with a well-defined vision of the optimal architecture and network requirements, plus tailored security and compliance measures, for seamless cloud operations. Leverage DevOps technologies to enable rapid and efficient implementation of new features in a complex cloud architecture. At synvert we know the importance of a comprehensive cloud strategy to ensure a successful cloud journey.



Benefits and Tasks of Cloud-based Analytics

Get Cloud-ready

The choice, implementation, deployment and operation of cloud solutions is a complex process that requires a wide range of capabilities across different areas, like human skills, organisational abilities, technology and capital.

Culture Shift

In order to fully harness the advantages, you will have to navigate and manage cultural changes and paradigm shifts effectively.

New Freedom

Data and analytics in the cloud leads to new analytical possibilities, thanks to the more agile approaches available.


Why are we talking about this?


Cloud computing empowers businesses to focus on value-added activities, rather than managing underlying resources, by utilising various cloud services such as computing power, storage, and monitoring. With flexible pricing options like pay-as-you-go, cost savings can be achieved, whilst on-demand resources allow for scalable application capacity to accommodate business growth. Cloud services and big data together enable organisations to drive innovation and create business value. Our synvert consulting services provide authoritative guidance on IT infrastructure transformation, including modernising hosting, streamlining processes, managing implementation, ensuring security standards, and developing new capabilities. An effective cloud strategy is crucial, evolving according to different cloud transformation phases, from pilot to trial to scaling.


Your cloud projects can drive your business goals and engage your stakeholders.

People and Organisation

Accelerate your cloud journey by establishing a company culture where continuous change is the norm.


Modern architectural approaches guarantee a scalable cloud platform that seamlessly integrates into your system landscape and is ready also for the future.

How we can help you

We take you through every step of your big data and cloud journey, ensuring that you leverage the full value of the transformation: analysing your business needs, choosing an architecture and platform, implementing an operating model, building security capabilities, and finally, training your internal resources to maximise your ROI.


Our Advantages

Business Alignment

We can identify the cloud use cases that offer the highest value for your business model.

Cloud Competence Center

A Cloud Competence Centre will serve as the lead unit in your transition to the cloud; we will furnish you with a comprehensive concept for setting it up and running it.

Cloud Governance Framework

synvert has developed a software-based solution that derives and monitors various governance aspects, encompassing general standards as well as tailor-made policies to suit a diverse range of specific cloud environments.

Cloud Security

There are several key cloud security topics, including identity access management, logging and monitoring, encryption, cybersecurity, universal endpoint management, data security, and privacy lifecycle management. synvert possesses the expertise to provide comprehensive support in all these areas, ensuring robust security for your organisation throughout your cloud journey.

Cloud Migration

Thanks to the use of proven cloud migration strategies, with which we have already taken innumerable customer applications to the cloud, we can guarantee the success of your projects.

Optimising the Cloud Platform

To achieve an optimal platform offering a high degree of automation and great scalability, while also keeping costs under control, you can count on synvert!


Why are we talking about this?


Data analytics and cloud services enable organisations to speed up innovation and drive business value. Building a high-performance, powerful and secure cloud architecture needs a solid foundation, based on an extensive analysis of requirements which in turn leads to a perfect understanding of the technical and practical challenges involved. After all, your cloud architecture will determine the quality of your cloud applications and the advantages you will gain from it.


The identification of architecture requirements is integral to defining cloud use cases, such as data lake implementation or webshop migration. Your business strategy will serve as the foundation for your cloud strategy and its architecture, ensuring a well-aligned and cohesive framework that supports your cloud adoption goals.

People and Organisation

The architectural design for your cloud environment comprises distinct layers, including ingestion, storage, catalogue, processing, and consumption, and the selection of the cloud provider and services, whether native or third-party, is crucial. The design should incorporate best practices and guidelines for various architecture domains, including networking, authentication, security, logging and monitoring, cost management, CI/CD, and interfacing with on-premise applications.


The development and deployment of reusable programs, such as data engineering tools, provisioning and orchestration scripts, app development frameworks, and CI/CD pipelines, can be highly valuable when implementing and maintaining the reference architecture, streamlining and accelerating various aspects of cloud adoption.

How we can help you

Our approach to achieving a successful cloud foundation is rooted in established best practices and design principles, following the AWS Well-Architected Framework. We deliver cutting-edge cloud solutions that align with your business requirements: whether it's building a scalable web frontend, migrating a database system to the cloud, or creating an analytics platform, applying Well-Architected principles means that you can unlock the full potential of your cloud applications. synvert companies have been involved in cloud projects since 2015, so we have a wealth of experience in developing and implementing cloud architectures, and our cloud accelerator will speed up your project even more, whilst enhancing its security and ensuring a successful and efficient cloud adoption journey.


Our Advantages

Process Model

synvert has developed a proven process model based on the AWS, MS Azure and GCP frameworks.


synvert stands for a vendor-neutral architecture definition, allowing us to select cloud services with predefined evaluation criteria and PoCs.


We use software-based accelerators to save time in platform engineering.


The resilience of your cloud applications, as well as their operational excellence, security aspects and cost optimisation measures will be proof of the success of our cloud architectures.


Why are we talking about this?


In order for services and resources to effectively communicate within the cloud environment, careful consideration must be given to setting up the network infrastructure, which involves the initial setup and connection of the IT infrastructure, with a particular focus on the network area. Ultimately, the goal is to establish connectivity between the company's existing infrastructure and the cloud environment.  Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) allows the delegation of responsibility and costs to the cloud provider, but also requires addressing certain questions: for example, determining which packets should be routed through encrypted connections and not via public hops, understanding the foundational infrastructure and technology that underpins a cloud provider, and identifying the IP address ranges that must be made available. These questions need to be thoroughly resolved as part of the network setup process, and areas of responsibility have to be assigned and physical components have to be configured to build a sustainable IT infrastructure for your cloud environment.


Pay-as-you-go: you only pay for the resources you use, so high acquisition costs for network infrastructure are a thing of the past!

People and Organisation

Applying Identity and Access Management (IAM) rules and configuring granular options for routing tables, port shares, and access rules are essential to ensure secure cloud networks, allowing you to control and restrict access to your cloud resources.


Resilient cloud networks guarantee the availability of your cloud services wherever and whenever you need them.

How we can help you

Our years of experience across various industries and projects mean we have developed extensive expertise in cloud computing, able to provide well-informed guidance and solutions tailored to your specific needs.


Our Advantages


With expertise ranging from small-scale to large-scale enterprise scenarios, we have developed proprietary frameworks that can greatly accelerate your project implementation and proactively identify challenges.


We provide comprehensive knowledge and support for all types of cloud deployment, public, private, and hybrid, to ensure the best possible infrastructure solutions for your needs.

360° Consulting

We offer end-to-end guidance in implementing your cloud infrastructure, from strategic planning to ongoing support, offering a seamless and successful transition to the cloud.

Secu­rity & Compliance

Why are we talking about this?


Compliance with external and internal security requirements is a fundamental prerequisite for the integrity and availability of cloud data and workloads, making cloud security an absolute necessity. Key stakeholders in this regard include the Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), the data protection department, internal and third-party auditors, and cloud security architects. The pace of a company's transition to the cloud often depends upon successfully addressing cloud security challenges, which can evolve over time and also be influenced by factors such as new court rulings (e.g. Schrems II). Nevertheless, companies do have some choice in how they design their security measures, and synvert can help you with this without compromising the agility of the organisation.


Understand and identify potential threats and implement adequate protection mechanisms.

People and Organisation

Distribute and communicate security roles and associated duties, responsibilities, and processes, to best prepare for emergencies.


Identity and Access Management – manage your users’ identities and permissions across the cloud platform; log and monitor access patterns to get early warning of security risks.

Vulnerability Management – scans and penetration tests help you identify, classify, and remediate security vulnerabilities.

How we can help you

We offer comprehensive support throughout the entire process of implementing your cloud security solution. Leveraging our extensive experience gained from numerous projects across diverse industries, we possess a wealth of expertise in the field of cloud security. Drawing from our proprietary frameworks developed over the years, we can significantly expedite security measures and proactively identify potential challenges. Our expertise covers all levels of security, ensuring that your cloud environment is absolutely safe, regardless of the scale of your operations.


Our Advantages


synvert has developed a Power BI-based cloud security solution that derives security measures from the CSA (Cloud Security Alliance) standard and breaks them down into individual policies for the specific cloud environment in use.


synvert can work with you to develop holistic security solutions that monitor AWS, Azure, and GCP workloads from a single control centre, fully aware of the unique security specifications and monitoring tools of each cloud provider, thus allowing for a centralised monitoring and management of workloads across multiple clouds. synvert enables a unified approach to cloud security, ensuring consistent protection for all cloud workloads, regardless of the provider being used.

Use Cases

As part of our implemented solutions, we have leveraged AI methods to automatically identify data fields that require pseudonymisation, in compliance with regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), or DSGVO (Datenschutz-Grundverordnung) in German-speaking countries.


synvert masters all the widely recognised standards, frameworks, and regulations related to information security, data protection, and compliance, such as ISO, NIST, CIS, CSA, GxP, EU GDPR, etc., across a wide range of industries.

DevOps & DevSecOps

Why are we talking about this?


The core principles of DevOps revolve around close collaboration between development and operations teams, as well as the use of unified software solutions to automate various tasks. The DevOps model typically follows a work cycle consisting of different phases: plan, implement, test, deploy, operate, monitor, and feedback. These phases are designed to be highly iterative, allowing for a rapid response to emerging customer requirements. At synvert, we leverage DevOps practices and technologies to enhance the speed, quality, and security of complex cloud deployments, generating ever greater value for your cloud product and your customers.


Leverage existing expertise in combination with cloud-native services from Azure, AWS, and GCP.

People and Organisation

Systematic recording, planning and tracking of tasks with Scrum and Kanban boards.


  • Store build artifacts in a cloud-native Artifacts Repository or Container Image Registry with code versioning for both the product and the underlying infrastructure.
  • Automate deployment and testing through continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD) pipelines.
  • Use dedicated microservices and container services for modern distributed applications.

How we can help you

Many of our customers are already using DevOps approaches today. Our skilled synvert consultants are well-versed in the latest DevOps practices and will guide you through every step of modernising your approach; from concept development to pipeline implementation, we tailor our services to your project and company's unique needs, and whether you're using AWS, Azure, or GCP, we have the expertise to deliver optimal DevOps solutions for your cloud environment.


Our Advantages


Key questions like security and networking are important components of a DevOps solution, and synvert’s specialised know-how will be there for you through all stages of the journey.


synvert boasts extensive experience in efficiently managing infrastructure through Infrastructure-as-Code using Terraform scripts.


synvert is proud to extend comprehensive support to various valued customers for the long-term operation of their IT platforms, and our team of experts is well-equipped to assist you with your DevOps solutions as well.


At synvert we understand the importance of being up to date with technological developments, accompanied by building knowledge in your employees, and we offer informative webinars on various cloud topics to help bridge potential knowledge gaps. Our webinars are designed to empower employees with the latest cloud technology insights, best practices, and practical know-how.


Our partnerships

synvert works with some of the world's leading data and analytics companies in strategic partnerships to deliver carefully crafted and scalable solutions to our valued customers.