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In today's digital world, telecommunications play an essential role in connecting people and businesses, so the importance of telecommunication companies using data and analytics to optimise their services and networks cannot be underestimated.

Data analytics plays a crucial role in providing telecom companies with in-depth insights into their networks and resource consumption, enabling them to identify and resolve network issues before they lead to outages or disruptions. Additionally, data analytics can help understand customer needs and preferences, leading to the development of personalised offerings; by analysing customer feedback, consumption patterns, and preferences, telecom companies can develop better marketing strategies to attract and retain their customers.

In telecommunications, the use of data and analytics is firmly linked to the success and efficiency of the business, optimising networks, understanding customer needs and developing better offers.

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D&A Use Cases

Some of out use cases are:


  • Standard use cases like analysing network traffic, performance, usage, and errors, customer behaviour, real-time mobile call details, processing and enrichment.
  • Dashboard with an underlying ML model to highlight discrepancies (overcharging or undercharging) in customers’ mobile plans.
  • Real-time monitoring of network devices and infrastructure.
  • Reporting anomalies in sales figures.
  • Classification model for churn drivers.
  • Targeting of customers with specialised campaigns and campaign management.
  • Log clustering based on predefined patterns, such as the frequency of occurrence, rating, and status (solved or unsolved).
  • Analytical applications like eService, scoring, segmentation, churn, etc.
  • Migration of customer data.

Preparation and Tools

We made use of the following:


  • PySpark, Scikit-learn, Oracle, Pandas, Tableau.
  • Open-source and big data technologies (Azure, Python) for pipeline development, storing the predicted results in an additional database where companies can query the results. The pipeline was developed using Azure Data Factory and the project was based on the Scrum methodology.
  • Bash, Python, Scala, Redis, Flume, Spark, Hive, HDFS.
  • Flume, Hadoop, Apache Pig, Hive, Mahout, Jasper Reports, Unix scripting.
  • Informatica PowerCenter, Business Objects, Teradata, Oracle, Clarify eFrontOffice, Vitria, Erwin DM.
  • Ab Initio, Sybase IQ, Oracle, independIT BICsuite.
  • Oracle Exadata, OWB, MicroStrategy, Ab Initio.
  • Teradata, Ab Initio, Oracle, SAP Business Objects.

Standards and Regulation

In the telecommunications industry, standards and protocols like 3GPP, LTE, and VoLTE govern the transmission of data and voice, ensuring interoperability and efficient communication across networks. Regulatory measures such as net neutrality aim to preserve an open and fair internet, preventing discrimination or preferential treatment of specific content; additionally, data protection rules safeguard the privacy of individuals' information.


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