App Devel­op­ment
- Create and optimise your applications with advanced solutions

Tailored Apps can Simplify Processes.


App Development


Apps are prevalent in today's business environment, but is it worth developing a custom app for your business? Custom apps tailored to your company's needs can significantly streamline internal processes. Believe it or not, some large companies still resort to Excel or pen and paper! However, with a specialised product including analytical applications, tasks can be managed effortlessly. Ease of use, scalability, and agility are pivotal considerations in app development, as are responsiveness to requests, a secure environment, and easy communication with mobile devices, which are increasingly popular and can simplify day-to-day tasks.


Benefits in Application Development

Flexibility and Mobility

Apps allow users to access their data and applications from anywhere at any time, giving them more flexibility and greater mobility.

Unified Software

A lot of companies use multiple applications and platforms at the same time, often leading to confusion and inefficiency due to constant changes and communication errors. With unified software, all the services you need from various platforms can be combined, giving your organisation faster, error-free communication.

New Revenue Streams

Apps can enhance your business, creating fresh revenue streams by enabling the sale of products and services via mobile platforms.

Brand Building

Well-crafted apps empower businesses to rebuild and strengthen their brand by marketing their offerings directly to their target audience.

.NET Mod­ern­iza­tion

Why are we talking about this?


Modern .NET applications must meet ever-increasing demands, and when considering .NET modernisations the key concepts are scalability, agility, cost, and speed. Azure Cloud has an abundance of resources for .NET apps that are easily available and cost-effective, offering numerous advantages. The development and migration of an optimal cloud architecture consists of several key phases: a comprehensive analysis of the existing .NET application and specific needs, concept development, proof of concept, and implementation.


Cost and performance monitoring tools, along with automated provisioning of services using Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) with Terraform, can greatly enhance process observability and operational efficiency for your business in the Azure Cloud.

People and Organisation

Native integration with various cloud services for new use cases, along with unlimited cloud-native encrypted data storage for application users, supports continuous evolution of .NET applications and simplifies internal data management in the Azure Cloud.


With Azure Virtual Machines for lift-and-shift migration, or Azure Kubernetes Service for containerised applications and multi-cloud capability, .NET applications can be analysed and optimised in the most effective manner, leveraging the latest technology offerings from Azure.

How we can help you

The synvert team accompanies you throughout the whole modernisation process of your .NET application, and supports you from the conception phase right through to the productive start-up of the  solution. Thanks to our Microsoft Azure Partnership, you can rely on our skills in developing the appropriate cloud architecture for .NET modernisation and in facilitating the adoption of Azure in your organisation.


Our Advantages

Microsoft Partnership

As a Microsoft partner, we can both assist your organisation in adopting Azure and also leverage our expertise in developing appropriate cloud architectures for your specific requirements.

Security and Policies

Before deploying your .NET application in a live environment, it's crucial to meet security standards and policies. With our experience, we can assist you in selecting and defining the application migration policies you need.

Terraform Templates

Our extensive project experience with Terraform templates enables us to efficiently create cloud infrastructures for new projects, ensuring both a quick and streamlined provisioning of resources.

Mobile Apps

Why are we talking about this?


Mobile apps are widely used across various areas, ranging from simple utilities to complete programs with extensive, complex functionalities. Mobile apps are used not only for remotely controlling digital devices such as cameras, printers, and smart home devices, but also for managing internal company processes while on the move.


User-friendliness, operating system independence, and dynamically editable and extensible features are crucial for the success of a mobile app, ensuring that users find it easy to use and don’t go back to the insecure applications they used before.

People and Organisation

The use of mobile apps on employees’ personal devices poses significant security risks, so having a company-specific app is crucial to enforce the necessary security standards in place.


Mobile apps are specifically developed for smartphones and tablets, targeting mobile operating systems like iOS or Android. These are known as native apps, which prioritise performance, easy installation, usability, and integration with native device functions.

How we can help you

synvert is well versed in the field of mobile app development, and we can guide you through the complete development process. Starting with a  thorough analysis that includes target group identification, goals, use cases, and pre-project architecture, our process also includes UX and UI design, the use of wireframes to visualise layout and functionality, and ends with the final software development for your mobile device.


Our Advantages

UX/UI Design

Thanks to our comprehensive range of services, we are not only proficient in software development, but also capable of resolving inconsistencies in UX/UI design and incorporating additional functionalities as needed.

Enhancement to BI Software

In addition to traditional mobile apps, we specialise in real-time and collaborative mobile BI development services, typically not included in standard mobile offerings.

Tailored to Our Customers

Our custom-built BI apps are perfectly tailored to meet the specific business needs of each individual customer; with a simple swipe, navigate through dashboards to your relevant KPIs, collaborate with colleagues, comment on results, and share dialogues through messengers and SMS, ensuring efficient communication and decision-making when on the move.

Soft­ware Development

Why are we talking about this?


Good software development is the outcome of well-organised processes executed by experienced teams, encompassing the creation, design, implementation, and support of custom software, including system software, programming software, application software, and embedded software.


Software solutions primarily cover web or mobile applications that streamline, automate, and simplify a wide range of business processes, enhancing operational efficiency and productivity.

People and Organisation

Modern software solutions play a key role in fostering effective communication and improving organisational structures within companies, enabling smooth collaboration and streamlined workflows.


In software development various technologies are used, whether it is middleware with .NET frameworks, SQL database management or web servers and containers. Software development involves the use of various technologies, such as middleware leveraging .NET frameworks, SQL database management, web servers, and containers, essential tools in creating robust and scalable software solutions.

How we can help you

Our team here at synvert develops solutions for efficient IT infrastructures, counting on state-of-the-art development methods and sophisticated project management to ensure the success of your software project; our experts meet the highest programming standards and support you along your journey.


Our Advantages


Thanks to our structured development phase, resource planning, and optimised teams, we can lead your software project forward to success.


Our cutting-edge software solutions facilitate the development of efficient communication and organisational structures within your company. As a result, teams work transparently, communicating quickly and effectively to mitigate unnecessary waiting times and misunderstandings.

Scrum and Kanban

We employ agile methods such as Scrum or Kanban for software development. This ensures that the development process remains open to feedback whilst also allowing for the incorporation of new requirements and changes during development, leading to a more adaptable and flexible approach.

UX Design

Why are we talking about this?


User Experience (UX) design involves analysing and optimising user experiences when looking for services or products and interacting with an organisation. In contrast to User Interface (UI) design, which focuses on aesthetics, UX design addresses the unique needs of users; a sophisticated UX design reaches a new level, creating an intuitive user interface with streamlined processes to help users achieve their goals easily and enjoyably.


Enhancing user experience leads to increased customer satisfaction and reduces cancellations during the selection, ordering, and payment processes.

People and Organisation

A positive user experience will also ease the pressure on service and support, as application errors are minimised through heightened process autonomy and transparency, resulting in fewer requests and support tickets.


By developing an intuitive user-centred design, not only is the time required to perform individual tasks reduced, but also the time to learn new products and processes is shortened, leading to simpler data analysis and quicker insights.

How we can help you

With over 30 years of experience in conceptualising, creating, and improving digital solutions, we will guide you towards a successful product. We provide support in planning wireframes, mock-ups, and prototypes for your final product, and design complete solutions for your project by leveraging our business knowledge, technical expertise, and creative thinking.


Our Advantages

30 Years of Experience

With our extensive experience, we offer customisable questionnaires for requirements profiles and defining user personas, always prioritising the end user in our UX design.

Conception and Prototyping

We support you in conceptual design based on the elicited requirements, building and analysing information architecture. Whether it's a BI report, a website, or an app, our technical expertise allows us to develop initial wireframes and mock-ups, as well as to create a prototype early in the project that really shows what the final product will be like.

Proven Knowledge and Best Practices

We finalise your product by revising the prototype with lessons learned and feedback, then incorporate all this into the implementation process to minimise the number of iterations, at all times drawing on our proven knowledge and best practices developed over numerous projects.

Statistical Methods

With the help of statistical methods and modern technologies like process mining, we can quickly and efficiently detect, analyse, and remedy weaknesses in our solutions, leading to a better user experience and increased user satisfaction.


Our partnerships

synvert works with some of the world's leading data and analytics companies in strategic partnerships to deliver carefully crafted and scalable solutions to our valued customers.