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The Relationship between Data Analysis and Life Sciences

Life sciences encompass the study of the processes and structures of living organisms, including biology, medicine, pharmacy, chemistry, agricultural technology, and nutritional sciences, many of them related to the biomedical industry, which conducts application and market-oriented research. To obtain successful research results, a certain amount of data is necessary, but just having data does not guarantee meaningful results; the data must be randomised and of top quality.

In order to implement successful life sciences projects, an extensive knowledge of statistical programming, structured data management and biostatistics is essential.

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D&A Use Cases

Our highly trained statisticians can assist you with both carrying out your clinical trial and analysing your study results. We provide support for study planning, report preparation, PK/PD analyses in biostatistics, medical writing, and coding, all according to international medical standards such as MedDRA, ICD, and WHO-DD. We can also help with setting up a comprehensive data management system in compliance with GCP guidelines, as well as with establishing interfaces to EDC/RDE systems.

Preparation and Tools

We ensure that you are well-prepared for a successful study by utilising a well-structured database design and programming, with additional support for data review with tools such as jReview and Spotfire. Our employees receive regular training to maintain a high level of qualification in areas such as SAS and GCP, ensuring consistent quality in our work.

Standards and Regulation

A large part of data analysis in life sciences is biostatistics, and our experts have acquired a comprehensive knowledge of CDISC, SDTM and ADaM standards, to which synvert always adheres.


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